Mission Statement

Recognizing that all people have music in their hearts, Fort Bend Music Center offers the highest quality instruction. Our goal is to help each student experience the joy of making music, while achieving their personal music goals.

Our Music Teachers

The foundation of any education program is the quality of its teachers. Therefore Fort Bend Music Center recruits and hires not only teachers who are well qualified, but teachers whose highest concern is the development and enjoyment of the student. Our teachers’ paramount concern is that each student’s aspirations are fulfilled.

The Music Curriculum

The materials and methods used to teach music are important influences on both the student’s progress and his/her enjoyment of the learning process. To be effective, the curriculum used must be relevant to the student’s age and interests. Fort Bend Music Center uses only those materials which have been recognized as exemplary for each age group and each achievement level.

Musical Achievement

We believe each student’s desire to achieve is enhanced by positive reinforcement. Parents and teachers who demonstrate interest in the child’s progress and applaud his/her development will help him/her develop the esteem which comes from accomplishing goals. Fort Bend Music Center also gives awards for various levels of accomplishment.