Complete Piano Services

Complete Piano Services’ qualified piano tuners will give your piano the same thorough attention they give the Houston Grand Opera. All of our tuners have 20 plus years experience and our satisfied customers have scheduled annual tunings with them. To set up a schedule that fits your needs please complete our Request for Service.

Services Offered In Home

  • Tuning
  • Voicing
  • Regulation
  • Broken strings replaced
  • Sticking keys repaired
  • Many other minor repairs
  • Inspection before you purchase
  • Appraisals for insurance claims
  • Appraisals for resale value
  • Cabinet touch ups
  • Polyester repair
  • Pianodisc player system repairs
  • QRS player system repairs
  • Yamaha disclavier repairs

Any piano or player repair that is too extensive to repair in home can be repaired in our fully staffed repair facility.

Maintenance contracts for your piano or player system relieve you of worry and provide years of excellent performance from your instrument.

In Shop Services

Complete Piano Services’ piano service staff has over 100 combined years of experience servicing pianos. We can perform any level of In Home service from minor adjustments to keeping your piano in perfect pitch.

Our staff can completely refinish your piano or if needed they can perform a full piano restoration on Grandma’s piano.

Complete Piano Services is factory authorized by Yamaha, Pianodisc and QRS Pianomation to install and service all Player units.

If you’re in need of service contact our Service Dept. or fill out our online Service Request.