George Torres

I was born and raised in the Houston Gulf Coast area. I started playing the trombone in the sixth grade and later switched to percussion in the seventh grade. I soon picked up the guitar and drums and haven’t looked back since. I have played in bands and at church for over twenty years. I teach guitar, drums, banjo, and mandolin. I love all types of music, from classic country to reggae.


Assoc. Degree, Occupational Therapy, Houston Community College (2016)
Assoc. Degree, Audio Engineering, Houston Community College (2007)


Teacher, Fort Bend Music Center, Houston, Texas (2006-present)
Music Teacher, Private Lessons, Houston (2007-present)


Rey Gonzalez

I teach piano, guitar and percussion music lessons. Teaching is very rewarding to be because I have the opportunity to observe children and adults as they grow and attain higher levels in music education. My favorite types of music are jazz and rock, and my favorite sport is boxing. To relax, I love getting a massage.


BA Music, University Of Houston (2014)


Ft. Bend Music Center, Houston (2015-present)
Guitarist for Singer, Myoa (2013-present)
Musician, Stage Repertory Theatre (2013-2014)
Drummer, Dangerous Band, Houston, Texas (2009-2011)


Salvador Valesco

I am very excited about teacher trumpet lessons to new students. I love to see my students excel and watch the excitement they have when discovering some new music technique. My favorite composers are Gershwin and Freddie Hubbard. I like the Slackers band and Jamaican Ska music. When I am not working I like to write music to relax


B.A. Music, University Of Houston (pending)


Fort Bend Music Center, Houston (2015-present)
Private Instructor, Foster High School (2014-present)
Trumpet Instructor, Hastings High School (2010-2013)


Timmy Walker

My parents enrolled me into music lessons with a music teacher in Houston when I was nine years old...and I loved it! When I teach, I love to share my music experiences with my students. Eric Johnson is my favorite composer, and Andy Timmons my favorite band. My favorite type of music is jazz. When I am not working I like to cook.


Music Major, University of Houston (2013-present)
Guitar Player, Lamar Jazz Band, Houston, Texas (2007-2011)


Teacher, Fort Bend Music Center, Houston, Texas (2011-present)
Private Guitar Teacher, Houston, Texas (2010-present)