Music Class Schedule | Sugar Land & Houston

Private Lessons in all categories are always available if your student is not a beginner or if group times will not work with your schedule. We understand busy schedules and we’re sure we can find something that will work for you. Call for more information on beginner through advance music lessons.

Group Piano Lessons

Age Day Time Course Start Date
18months-3yrs Sat 9am TT 07/09/16
4-6yrs Tues 5pm MT 07/05/16
4-6yrs Sat 2pm MT 07/09/16
6-7yrs Tues 6pm YMP 07/05/16
6-7yrs Wed 7pm YMP 07/06/16
8-11yr Tues 6pm KPP 07/05/16
8-11yr Thurs 7pm KPP 07/07/16
Teen Mon 7pm KE 07/11/16
Teen Wed 7pm KE 07/06/16

Guitar Lessons

Age Day Time Course Start Date
7-9yrs Tues 4pm Group 07/05/16
10-12yrs Thurs 5pm Group 07/07/16
Teen Thurs 6pm Group 07/07/16

Percussion Lessons

Age Day Time Course Start Date
7-9yr Mon 4pm Group 07/11/16
10-12yrs Mon 5pm Group 07/11/16
Teen Mon 6pm Group 07/11/16

Vocal Lessons

Age Day Time Course Start Date
7-teen Sat 11am Group Continuous