Private Lesson Fees and Policies

Tuition Payment Plans

Monthly: (auto debit available) $109.00
Annual Registration Fee: $69.00
Visa, MC, Discover, AMEX, Check & Cash
Family Discount: $4.00 per month
Late Fee: $15 after the 7th of the month


Registration Fee

The $69 registration fee covers performances, parties, awards and administrative costs of the program.


There is no yearly contract but tuition is calculated on a yearly calendar and paid monthly. The monthly tuition is the same amount each month – regardless of the number of lessons in any particular month. Tuition is due on the 1st of each month. ALL FEES & TUITION ARE DUE IN ADVANCE AND ARE NOT REFUNDABLE.


The tuition you pay reserves a place for you at a set day & time. Therefore, THERE IS NO REDUCTION IN TUITION AND NO CREDIT FOR MISSED LESSONS. Please notify the front desk staff as soon as you know a student will not be able to attend a scheduled lesson.

If a teacher is absent, a substitute teacher will be provided. If no substitute teacher is available a make-up lesson will be scheduled.

School Calendar

The FBMC Calendar allows many opportunities for vacations. We are closed on Memorial Day, July 4th, and Labor Day. We are closed for 1 week at Thanksgiving, 2 weeks at Christmas, 2 weeks for Summer Vacation, and 1 week each semester for Teacher Training. See the current year calendar for the exact dates of Holidays and Vacations. The calendar gives each student at least 44 instruction days during the year.

Make-up Lessons

At the time you pay the annual registration fee you will be eligible for four (4) make up lessons to be used during the next 12 months. You must schedule the make up lesson with the front desk staff (not your teacher). Each student is only allowed four make up lessons in their annual registration period. A record of the students make up lessons will be kept in their file.

If the student does not attend the scheduled make up lesson it will still count as one of the four allowed make up lessons.

Class Time

Each Group class will have 50 minutes of instruction followed by 10 minutes if needed for questions or special assistance. Each Private class will have 30 minutes of instruction.


It is important to bring the required material with you, and to be on time for class because late arrivals disrupt the class and students will not have the advantage of a full session


2 WEEK WRITTEN NOTICE IS REQUIRED TO WITHDRAW FROM THE PROGRAM. Students withdrawing shall pay tuition to the end of the month they withdrew. When a dropped student wishes to re-enroll, he may do so without penalty if he returns within 45 days. A longer absence requires a $69.00 re-registration fee. We will make every effort to re-place the student with his former teacher and as close as possible to his former time.

Class Size:

Each beginning and continuing Ft. Bend Music Center Group Class must have a minimum of 4 students. If one of the classes for which you have registered does not have enough students, we will contact you and make arrangements for another class.


One class for each student will be replaced each semester with a special recital with individual playing or group ensembles. If a student can not play in the Recital to which he is assigned, there will be one Make-up Recital as an alternate.