Voice Lessons in Sugar Land Area

Voice Lessons in Sugar Land AreaGrade 1st – 6th

The classes are 50 minutes in length and are structured to teach the following:

The voice has not matured to the point that a child can have extensive vocal training, however, the basic rudiments of singing can be taught and perfected. We will teach matching pitch, reading music, breath control, rhythm and diction.

Students will learn all the basic elements of music: Melody, harmony, and rhythm. They will also learn the basic elements of stagecraft.

These skills and concepts will be applied to songs. Since singers do not sing while standing like a statue, students will how to move and how to project the voice when moving. Rhythm is also best taught by movement… simple steps, clapping, and rhythm instruments.

Private Vocal Studies

Private study is for advanced study only. Students study vocal technique, breath control, repertoire, diction, languages as appropriate. Students will learn basic musicianship which includes basic theory and sight singing. Requirements: Advanced vocal development and musical potential.