Joyce Cochran

Director of Music for Fort Bend Music Center

Director of Music for Fort Bend Music CenterJoyce’s interest in music began with piano lessons at age four. She studied piano for 17 years, while also playing woodwind instruments in school bands. She has served as pianist and organist for several churches throughout her career.

Joyce has spent more than 20 years working with the YAMAHA Music Education System. A glance at the walls of Joyce’s office is testimony to her pursuit of musical excellence. She was presented the YAMAHA lifetime achievement award in 2002.

“Playing music is a lot more rewarding and fun than just listening,” promises Joyce, who after three decades in the music education business has joined her family at Fort Bend Music Center.

“My personal philosophy is that every person would like to express the music in his soul. We don’t all like the same music, or have the same musical goals, so our purpose at Fort Bend Music Center is to help every person realize his own musical dreams.”