Piano Teachers at Fort Bend Music Center

Fort Bend piano teacher Cindy Tan. Cindy Tan is a classically trained teacher and member of the Houston Music Teachers Association. Read more
Laura Pratt Laura graduated from Baylor University with a Bachelor of Music Education and All-level Teaching Certificate. Read more
Adam Irubor Adam is an accomplished musician, playing the piano, the violin, and viola. Read more
Shane Blume teaches voice at Ft. Bend Music Center as well as Wessendorff Middle School, where Shane is currently the choir director, he is popular even with students who haven’t yet taken his class. Read more
liz-devall Liz is a composition/performance music major in Classical and Jazz studies from the University of Utah, and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in communications. Read more
Paul Butt Paul Butt graduated from Lewis and Clark College, Portland, Oregon with a Bachelor’s in piano performance. Read more
Kaori-Becker Kaori was a professional pianist on the stage at Tokyo Japan. She received Music of Art diploma from Musashino Music Academy of Japan. Read more