This summer your child could take the first step on a life-long journey. Kids ages four and up can find their groove with awesome summer camps from Fort Bend Music, Fort Bend’s premier music school for over twenty-five years. Our popular sampler summer camp give kids the opportunity to have a blast and explore something new...without a long-term commitment.

Just like hitting shuffle on the iPod or sharing a playlist, Fort Bend Music offers a sampler camp featuring some of their most popular lessons. Kids get the first five lessons in voice, guitar, percussion, and piano...and we’ve added brass. Over the two and a half hours of camp they’ll spend thirty minutes on each station. A lot of kids are trying to decide if they’d like to join the school band and what instrument might be best for them. That’s part of the reason we added brass and instead of drums we use the practice pad and bell kit for percussion...just like they will in school. It’s a great way to see what sparks their interest.

Wondering if your preschooler is ready for music lessons? Try Fort Bend Music’s summer camp and watch your mini-musician blossom. Our camp for kids ages four through six incorporates piano, rhythm, games and dancing into one hour a day. Kids are used to working in groups in school, so this model makes sense to them...and it makes music lessons social and fun! We want every child to discover their love of music.

The Fort Bend Music Center Summer Camp provides children and adults of all ages with broad introduction to music education at Houston's and Sugar Land’s best and most affordable summer music day camp. Fort Bend Music Center’s summer camp is packed with creativity, fun, and new friendships.

This is the "best-kept-secret" for an affordable and enriching experience for all students, and is designed that families can choose one week, then choose the other weeks to accommodate other summer travel plans. Students get exposed to learning new instruments from Fort Bend Music Center’s excellent music faculty.

Class sizes are kept small and based on age and previous training. With a staff of talented performers with a passion for kids, this can be a great introduction that leads to more formal instruction in a group or private setting during the school year.


Fort Bend Music Center believes that performance is one of the main goals behind learning to play an instrument and we offer a rich menu of opportunities for students to further cultivate their learning by joining one of our Ensembles.

The ensembles are one hour classes that meet once a week and are open to players beyond the beginning level.

The ensembles are a great opportunity for our students to see the results of their learning and practice through collaboration and group performances. Fort Bend Music Center provides our ensembles with numerous unique showcase opportunities in our performance halls throughout the year.

Students will learn essential performance techniques, including:

  • Performing as a group member
  • Establishing a repertoire of songs
  • Mastering the techniques of performing in a live situation
  • Understanding their instrument in a live performance setting
  • Music theory
  • Music appreciation
  • Sight reading

As a primary goal for all Fort Bend Music Center ensembles, the adult jazz ensemble will present a culminating recital at the end of the course.

Outreach Programs

Through FBMC Outreach, we bring the quality of Fort Bend Music School’s faculty, programming, and pedagogy to you. FBMC Outreach is dedicated to formulating just the right educational programming in music education to suit the needs of your organization and your students.

As a community business, Fort Bend Music Center is committed to engaging with schools – public, charter, home, and private – after-school programs, and community centers in an effort to foster literacy and cooperation in the performing arts. FBMC Outreach offers your organization an excellent way to round out your curriculum with the highest quality educational programming, at an affordable price, to provide a gateway to a life-long interest in music education.

FBMC Outreach faculty, guest artists, and students regularly present public performances in our performance halls and at other public events. The programs attract a diverse audience of families and local residents who appreciate access to excellent professional performances at reasonable ticket prices and the friendly atmosphere of student recitals.

FBMC Outreach students perform mid-year and year-end recitals at the Fort Bend Music Center recital halls. FBMC Outreach students are encouraged to participate in programs at FBMC, through special incentives and programming aimed at building community and diversity.

We customize our outreach curriculum to fit the needs and demands of each our students. We believe strongly that all students deserve access to the rich culture and understanding that music education provide, regardless of their background, talents, or challenges