Band and Orchestra

Fort Bend Music Center offer lessons on nearly every band and orchestra instrument. Many of our teachers are capable of giving beginning to intermediate lessons on several instruments. We work closely with the local school music programs to ensure we teach from the same method books. Often times this gives private lesson students a head start in band and orchestra class. Additionally, we carry of number of supplemental materials to spice up the routine.

Just participating in a school band or orchestra program is not enough music training for your student. While the school program provides some training for students to be introduced to instruments, they can easily adapt bad habits or even frustration because most of school programs lack individual attention for students. For many of these band and orchestra instruments, learning proper posture at the early stage is extremely important.

We believe that learning a musical instrument greatly increases the cognitive and social abilities of children. Therefore, we also provide band and orchestra lessons for homeschooled students. These lessons are designed for home school students who do not have the opportunity to be in a traditional school band and orchestra program.

Our mission is to help parents affordably obtain a musical instrument so their child can participate in a school band or orchestra program, or in private lessons.