Instruction in drums/percussion is available in all different styles such as jazz, latin, rock, and more! Beginning students will typically begin their studies with the snare drum and gradually work up to learning the full set. Intermediate and Advanced students will work from customized lesson plans to achieve weekly and long term goals.

Our drum/percussion staff work with every student to provide the type of instruction that meets their learning needs and help them reach their performance goals. All instruction starts with the basics of music theory as it relates to the drum. But, each instructor will also work with the student to find out where their musical passions lie (marching band, orchestra, rock band, etc.) and help the student learn by incorporating the kind of music they relate to best.

Music lessons should be ENJOYABLE, not a chore. Our students don’t just play what they love in the classroom – they practice at home, play in recitals and shows, and work together with their peers in other music venues. The drums are a vibrant and energetic instrument that can be enjoyed by players of all ages. Whether you are a complete beginner, or are playing at an intermediate or advanced level, our teachers can help you reach the next stage with private drum lessons at Fort Bend Music Center.