Drew Habryl

I started taking music lessons at Fort Bend Music Center when I was 12 years of age, and continued until I was 17. I put together a band at the age of 12 and managed the band for 10 years. I like performing, playing, and teaching the guitar and drums. My favorite types of music is Rock ‘n Roll, and Heavy Metal.


Assoc. Music Degree, Houston Community College (2014-present)
Art Institute of Houston, Audio Production (2010-2012)


Ft. Bend Music Center, Houston (2014-present)
Band Manager, Houston (2005-present)
Asst. Manager, Guitar Center, Houston (2012-2014)


Bob Suttie

I have sung and played music since the late 50’s. While in high school, I was chosen for the all-state orchestra and all-state choir. I have directed four different church choirs and played cello in the Sugar Land Symphony Orchestra (now the Fort Bend Symphony). I play many instruments and appreciate many kinds of music.


Coached by Bobby Jones Czech Band (1989-2007)
Mackinac College, Michigan, (1968-1969)
B.A. Elem Ed, Metropolitan State College, Denver (1974)
MA Education, Prairie View A&M Univ (1988)


Teacher, Ft. Bend Music Center, Houston (2013-present)
Teacher, Westlake Lutheran Prep Academy, Katy, TX (2010-present)
Director, Fist Colony Home School Ensembles (2011-present)
Band Leader, Czech Polka Band, Houston (2007-present)


Doug Magness

I was born in Ft. Worth, Texas. When I was 11, I took my brother’s guitar, took a few lessons, and never looked back. While attending Texas Tech in Lubbock, I started playing at frat parties and local clubs. In 1978, I moved to Houston and toured the club circuit with local bands. Currently, I teach beginner to advanced guitar lessons at Fort Bend Music Center.


Texas Tech University, Lubbock, Texas (1971-1974)


Ft. Bend Music Center, Houston (2002-present)
Guitarist, The Relics Band, Houston (1989-present)
Guitarist, Steve Long Band, Houston (1978-1981)
Guitarist, Kayote Band, Houston (1981-1988)


George Torres

I was born and raised in the Houston Gulf Coast area. I started playing the trombone in the sixth grade and later switched to percussion in the seventh grade. I soon picked up the guitar and drums and haven’t looked back since. I have played in bands and at church for over twenty years. I teach guitar, drums, banjo, and mandolin. I love all types of music, from classic country to reggae.


Assoc. Degree, Occupational Therapy, Houston Community College (2016)
Assoc. Degree, Audio Engineering, Houston Community College (2007)


Teacher, Fort Bend Music Center, Houston, Texas (2006-present)
Music Teacher, Private Lessons, Houston (2007-present)


Norman Stewart

I started taking music lessons when I was only 5 years of age, in the town of Dusseldorf, Germany. I started teaching music lessons as a teenager. I love to see the students progress. I have written over 500 songs, so, I am considered a workaholic. I like listening to Bebop and classical guitar music. When I am not busy, I like to relax by writing more songs.


Graduate Work, Music/Theatre, University of Houston (1995)
Music Major, Washington University, St. Louis, MO (1975-1979)
Theatrical Certification, HB Studios, New York (1998)


Music Instructor, Fort Bend Music Center, Houston (2015-present)
Music Instructor, Percussion Center, Houston (2010)
Private Instructor, Stewart Music School, Houston (2005-2008)
Music Instructor, Evans Music City, Houston (1998-2008)
Music Instructor, H&H Music Co, Houston (1990-1995)


Paul Williams

I love teaching music lessons and imparting musical knowledge to new students. I starting taking music lessons at a very young age in London, England. Although I teach all genres of music, I am partial to blues, rock, and jazz. I teach piano, guitar, strings, voice, and drums. In my spare time, I perform with various groups all over the city of Houston.


Sound Engineering Certification, School of Sound Engineering (SAE), London, England (1987)


Music Instructor, Fort Bend Music Center, Houston (2016-present) Music Instructor, Groves Music School, Houston (2016-present) Music Instructor, Joyful Music School, Rosenberg, Tx (2015-2016) Music Instructor, Taylor Robinson Music School, Houston (2015-2016) Guitar Performer, Front Cover Band, Shreveport, LA (2011-2015) Guitar Performer, Jake Walker Blues Band, Europe (2008-2010)


Rey Gonzalez

I teach piano, guitar and percussion music lessons. Teaching is very rewarding to be because I have the opportunity to observe children and adults as they grow and attain higher levels in music education. My favorite types of music are jazz and rock, and my favorite sport is boxing. To relax, I love getting a massage.


BA Music, University Of Houston (2014)


Ft. Bend Music Center, Houston (2015-present)
Guitarist for Singer, Myoa (2013-present)
Musician, Stage Repertory Theatre (2013-2014)
Drummer, Dangerous Band, Houston, Texas (2009-2011)


Matt Mooney

When I was in the sixth grade I started taking trumpet lessons. Then, I switched to guitar lessons when I was 13 years old. I love rock music, and play it often with my band. My favorite sport is soccer, and my favorite rock group is Boston. I enjoy hiking on my days off. When I am not teaching guitar lessons I like to relax by reading and watching movies.


BS Interdisciplinary Studies, Univ Of Houston (2009)
Audio Engineering Certification Studies (2011)
Brass-Wind Apprentice Certification at Houston Community College (2012-2015)


Ft. Bend Music Center, Houston (2005-present)
Recording Artist, Dying Scene Records, Calif. (2014)


Timmy Walker

My parents enrolled me into music lessons with a music teacher in Houston when I was nine years old...and I loved it! When I teach, I love to share my music experiences with my students. Eric Johnson is my favorite composer, and Andy Timmons my favorite band. My favorite type of music is jazz. When I am not working I like to cook.


Music Major, University of Houston (2013-present)
Guitar Player, Lamar Jazz Band, Houston, Texas (2007-2011)


Teacher, Fort Bend Music Center, Houston, Texas (2011-present)
Private Guitar Teacher, Houston, Texas (2010-present)

Travis LeVrier

I started taking guitar lessons in Houston, Texas when I was fourteen years old. My goal as a teacher is to help my students be a competent musician, and have a healthy appreciation for music. My favorite composers are Guthrie and Govan. I love Rock ‘n Roll music, and basketball, as my favorite type of music and favorite sport. I like to camp and backpack to relax.


Music Certification, Guitar Institute of Technology, Los Angeles, CA (2006)
Guitar Certification, Guitar Craft Institute, Los Angeles, CA (2006)


Music Instructor, Fort Bend Music Center, Houston (2015-present)
Private Guitar Instructor, Houston (2010-current)
Performing Artist, Scale the Summit Band, LA/Houston (2006-current)
Guitar Instructor, Lessons In Your Home, LA/Houston (2007-2010)