Adam Irubor

I am an accomplished musician who lives in Sugar Land, but has traveled extensively. When I am not teaching or studying music, I love to attend concerts, play my instruments, or attend football and other sport events. I love classical music, as well as Jazz and Blues. The best part of teaching is helping students realize their potential in music performance.


B.A. Music, Houston Baptist University (2005-2012)
Outstanding Pianist Award, Houston Baptist University (2012)
Outstanding Violinist awards, Houston Baptist University (2012)


Teacher, Fort Bend Music Center, Houston (2008-present)
Teacher, West Oaks Music Center, Houston (2008-2010)
Teacher, Rockin' Robin, Houston (2010-2012)
Teacher, Colony Music, Houston (2006-2012)


Ahmed Yaqot

I am a highly energetic and enthusiastic individual, trained as a teacher of music. I love creating music programs and working with various television stations in performing music for plays. My native language is Arabic, but, my English is very good. I am dedicated to providing the best music education for all students of any age.


Master of Music Degree, Conservatory of Baghdad (1993-1998)
Instructor of Music Degree, Baghdad University (1999-2002)


Teacher, Fort Bend Music Center, Houston (2015-present)
Musician & Performer, Jordan TV, Jordan, Amman (2009-2013)
Instructor of Music, Rosary College, Jordan, Amman (2003-2009)
Musician & Performer, Baghdad TV, Baghdad, (1993-2002)


Bob Suttie

I have sung and played music since the late 50’s. While in high school, I was chosen for the all-state orchestra and all-state choir. I have directed four different church choirs and played cello in the Sugar Land Symphony Orchestra (now the Fort Bend Symphony). I play many instruments and appreciate many kinds of music.


Coached by Bobby Jones Czech Band (1989-2007)
Mackinac College, Michigan, (1968-1969)
B.A. Elem Ed, Metropolitan State College, Denver (1974)
MA Education, Prairie View A&M Univ (1988)


Teacher, Ft. Bend Music Center, Houston (2013-present)
Teacher, Westlake Lutheran Prep Academy, Katy, TX (2010-present)
Director, Fist Colony Home School Ensembles (2011-present)
Band Leader, Czech Polka Band, Houston (2007-present)


Cindy Tan

I am a classically trained instructor and member of the Houston Music Teachers Association. I have a Master of Music and Music Education from University of Houston, and Bachelor of Arts in Music from Nanjing Teachers University in China. I teach many forms of music, but I especially enjoy giving children a solid background in the classics.


Masters Music Ed, University Of Houston (1995)


Teacher, Fort Bend Music Center, Houston, Texas (2004-present)
Private Instructor, Home Studio, Houston (1991-present)
Piano Teacher Anybody Can Play, Houston 1995-1998)
Assoc.Prof, Nanjing Teachers University, China (1986-1991)


Kaori Becker

I am a professional classical pianist who was educated in Folkwang hochschule, in Ruhrgebiet, Vienna, and Zurich. I received a Music of Art Degree from Musashino Music Academy of Japan in 1978. After a seventeen-year career of teaching and performing on the piano, I met and married my husband in Japan. Currently, I teach classical piano 5-days a week at Fort Bend Music Center in Houston.


Classical Piano Perform Diploma, Essen Univ, Germany (1979)
Associate Music Degree, Musashino Academy, Japan (1978)


Fort Bend Music Center, Houston, Texas (2010-present)
Teachers-2-Go, Houston, Texas (2007-2010)
Lizzie's Music School, Houston, Texas (1995-2007)
Kaori's Music School, Japan (1974-1979)


Kennen Kelley

One of my greatest joys in life is teacher music lessons. I love to see the reaction of students when they learn to sing and play piano. During certain times of the year, I help high school students prepare solos for the Region 10 competitions and UIL contests. When I am not teaching, I love to sing in the chancel choir during Wednesday rehearsals and Sunday performances.


B.A. Music Education, Lamar University (2015-present)
Teacher Certification, Lamar University (2015-present)


Teacher, Fort Bend Music Center (2015-present)
Voice/Piano Instructor, Beaumont Music Studio (2013-present)
Music Instructor, Kountze High School, Beaumont (2012-2013)
Music Instructor, West Orange High School, Orange (2011-2012)


Michelle Vu

I was born and raised in Saigon, Vietnam where I began my music education. I moved to San Jose, California (United States) in 1986 where I continued my music education at San Jose State University, and received my music degree. My hobbies are arts & crafts, photography, and cooking. My favorite types of music are classical and easy listening. I love sharing the gift of music to kids and adults.


BA Music, San Jose State Univ (1996)
Piano Certification, Saigon Music School, Vietnam (1986)


Music Instructor, Fort Bend Music Center, Houston (2015-present)
Private Piano Instructor, San Jose CA (1996-2000)


Quiterius Jackson

When I was only five years old, I started taking music lessons in Wharton, Texas. I started teaching music when I was a teenager. My goal is to encourage all of my students to become the best musician possible. I teach piano and voice, and I enjoy classical, jazz, and R&B music. To relax, I like to play video games and working on music reproducing.


B.A. Music Education, University of Houston (2017)


Music Instructor, Fort Bend Music Center, Houston (2015-present)
Voice Teacher, Lamar CISD, Rosenberg, TX (2011)
Music Instructor, Private Studio, Houston (2013-2014)


Shane Blume

I started taking guitar lessons in Rosenberg, Texas, when I was eighteen years old. I enjoy teaching kids and watching them grow in music. My favorite composer is Pacini, my favorite music group is Andrea Bocelli, and my favorite type of music is Country and Western. In sports, I like Wrestling, and when I want to relax I like to work in my garden.


Master of Music Degree, Sam Houston State University (2003)
Level III Kodaly Certification, SW Texas State University (2002)
Bachelor of Music Degree, Sam Houston State University (1998)
Associate Music Degree, Wharton County Junior College (1995)


Fort Bend Music Center, Houston (2008-present)
Music Director, Saint Michael’s Catholic Church, Houston (2005-2012)
Choir Director, Lamar Consolidated Indep School District (2003-2009)
Choir Director, Conroe Independent School District (1999-2003)