Adam Irubor

I am an accomplished musician who lives in Sugar Land, but has traveled extensively. When I am not teaching or studying music, I love to attend concerts, play my instruments, or attend football and other sport events. I love classical music, as well as Jazz and Blues. The best part of teaching is helping students realize their potential in music performance.


B.A. Music, Houston Baptist University (2005-2012)
Outstanding Pianist Award, Houston Baptist University (2012)
Outstanding Violinist awards, Houston Baptist University (2012)


Teacher, Fort Bend Music Center, Houston (2008-present)
Teacher, West Oaks Music Center, Houston (2008-2010)
Teacher, Rockin' Robin, Houston (2010-2012)
Teacher, Colony Music, Houston (2006-2012)


Ava Nasrollahi

I am an excellent teacher for beginner and intermediate violin students. I am very excited about the opportunity to share my knowledge, skill, and love of music. I am a bright, outgoing young lady with a sweet disposition. My attention to detail, and my positive attitude, encourages my students to work hard in improving their musical skills.


Violinist, Clements High School (2010-2016)
Violinist, First Colony Middle School (2007-2010)
Student Fort Bend Music Center (2009-2013)


Teacher, Fort Bend Music Center, Houston, Texas (2015-present)
Private Tutor, Clements High School, Sugar Land (2011-present)
Private Tutor, First Colony Middle School, Sugar Land (2011-present)
Violinist for Mark Wood Band (2013-2014)


Bob Suttie

I have sung and played music since the late 50’s. While in high school, I was chosen for the all-state orchestra and all-state choir. I have directed four different church choirs and played cello in the Sugar Land Symphony Orchestra (now the Fort Bend Symphony). I play many instruments and appreciates many kinds of music.


Coached by Bobby Jones Czech Band (1989-2007)
Mackinac College, Michigan, (1968-1969)
B.A. Elem Ed, Metropolitan State College, Denver (1974)
MA Education, Prairie View A&M Univ (1988)


Teacher, Ft. Bend Music Center, Houston (2013-present)
Teacher, Westlake Lutheran Prep Academy, Katy, TX (2010-present)
Director, Fist Colony Home School Ensembles (2011-present)
Band Leader, Czech Polka Band, Houston (2007-present)