Ready to take your singing to the next level? Whether your aim is be the next American Idol or simply sound better in the shower, we can help you get going within 24 hours! If your goal is to land the part in your high school musical, audition for a community theater production, sing at an open mic, front your own band, or simply sing your heart out – we have an expert who is the perfect fit for you. Students of all ages and levels of ability are welcome.

Fort Bend Music Center conducts open mics, seasonal recitals and other performance venues, so students not only learn to sing – they learn to perform and be comfortable in front of an audience. While students are not required to participate, we believe these performances help motivate and propel the student to continued improvement, as well as create confident performers.

All vocal students at Fort Bend Music Center focus each week on the development of their vocal range, ear training, stage presence, singing on pitch, breath control, vibrato, tone production, enunciation and more. Between the ages of 5 - 11, the vocal chords have not yet fully matured, and thus instructors take care to focus on repertoire that is both fun and enjoyable while still nurturing to the developing voice. As the vocal chords mature at the age of 12, students are introduced to additional repertoire such as classical arias/etudes, Broadway, pop, and jazz selections, and of course any particular pieces the student is interested in learning!

Our voice teachers are professionals and have significant teaching and performing experience. If you love to sing, you'll love learning to develop and nurture your singing voice with one of our many talented and enthusiastic voice teachers at Fort Bend Music Center. Just give us call, tell us a little bit about what you're looking for, and we'll help match you with a great voice teacher today.