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A magical beginning – small is relative

Beauty of sound cannot be measured in centimetres. Our 170 model, the smallest of Bösendorfer's grand pianos, is specially

Those who desire to learn an art properly should use the best materials from the very beginning. Only with a top instrument... Read More »

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Those who desire to learn an art properly should use the best materials from the very beginning. Only with a top instrument built for the highest demands and brilliant virtuosity is it possible to develop and realise technical skills and artistic subtleties. From this idea Bösendorfer created something special: the Conservatory Series grand pianos. To offer young talents, conservatories and music schools a more economical option, we have simplified two of our grand pianos, but only in non-critical areas, that do not affect the sound. The instruments of this series are available in the sizes 214 and 200 (185 and 170 only available in USA). Superb sound and construction combined with moderate prices. The owner of a grand piano of the Conservatory Series can enjoy an instrument that meets all the necessary requirements for a successful career. This model is available in Ebony Satin and is based on our 170 model.

Conservatory Series: The Details

Bösendorfer is more than ever aware of the great responsibility it holds towards its musical heritage. Without compromising the fundamental musical achievements and advancements in craftsmanship of our 170 year old art of piano building, we have observed the changing economical conditions as well as the technical developments which exist in our market today. As a result of this research we are able to identify the need for new products and to respond quickly to changes in our markets and demands of society. Bösendorfer's obligation towards a wonderful musical tradition, has, with the development of the Conservatory Series, produced yet another instrument with which Bösendorfer will set a new standard in the world of music. Traditions do only make sense, when they are able to create the basis for new developments and possibilities.


A decision for music is given only then, when next to the brand name all other factors, that make up the quality of a Bösendorfer are realized. The Conservatory Series was not only developed in the House of Bösendorfer, but also exclusively built there - by the same masters of their craft, whose skills and knowledge of craftsmanship have been passed on since the foundation of the company. The Conservatory Series, like all the other Bösendorfer instruments, are built with materials of the highest quality which determine the exceptional and unmistakable sound of our pianos. Only under such conditions, can a new and original Bösendorfer develop, and only then can we speak of a decision for music.


Following Bösendorfer´s willingness to accept responsibility for the highest musical quality, we also accept a responsibility to help young aspiring musicians, and for that reason the Conservatory Series was developed. In the past the Bösendorfer family used to promote and support young musicians like A. Rubinstein, I. Paderewski, B. Bartók, E. Grieg, F. Busoni. The owners of a Bösendorfer Conservatory Series piano clearly know that they are playing the piano that will offer the best start in a successful musical career. Only with the best instrument is it possible to develop and realize the technical skills and artistic finesse, which lead to the highest musical qualities being achieved.


Since Bösendorfer was founded the greatest composers and musicians have put their trust in the unique and unmistakable qualities of our instruments. Musical innovations, be it the music of Johann Strauss or compositions of the romantic era, which today are long since accepted as being classical,- were already being played on the then young brand of Bösendorfer. Since the early days of the Bösendorfer Piano Company the greatest named composers such as Franz Liszt, Johannes Brahms, Antonin Dvorák, Leonard Bernstein and many more, and the greatest artists such as André Previn, András Schiff, Garrick Ohlsson, Oscar Peterson or Tori Amos, have trusted Bösendorfer. Now today, we do believe, that we have a good conception of which musicians will sooner or later be counted among the ranks of the classics - and we already know who plays on a Bösendorfer instrument. Should you choose an instrument from Bösendorfer, you can be sure you are in the best of musical company.


The Conservatory Series has been specially developed to create an instrument that makes owning a Bösendorfer more affordable than ever before. Maximum effort has been made to fully utilize the production´s potential and by concentrating on three models only, it has become possible by retaining all the crucial construction - and material characteristics of a traditional Bösendorfer, to create an instrument of the highest quality for the best price giving greatest value.


We know, the path to an excellent instrument is not always an easy one. We believe that our new Conservatory Series has created new possibilities - especially for those friends and lovers of fine musical instruments who have now begun to consider the possibility of being able to afford a Bösendorfer for the first time. For young musicians, it is very important to be able to play on a high quality instrument from their first days on the keyboard, and Bösendorfer is willing to support and accompany them on their way. We are certain, the Conservatory Series will provide an excellent beginning for the start of a great career. Through its highest musical quality and excellent design, the Bösendorfer Conservatory Series becomes an exceptional acoustic and visual experience in every surrounding.

88 Keys
Length: 5'8", Width: 4'11", Net weight: 700 lb/316 kg


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