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The half concert grand – Inimitable sound

Our grand piano 225 model is built for the stage. Its inimitable sound derives from a combination of experience,

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Model 225

The half concert grand

Extended bass range to bottom F

Anyone who has ever encountered its expressive diversity and inimitably rich, moving sound has experienced some-thing very special indeed. Playing this instrument is an uplifting feeling; experiencing its musical spectrum is equally so.

Its size and construction allow this piano to produce a rich palette of sound colours, from the softest pianissimo to the loudest fortissimo. Four additional sub-bass keys also extend the bass range to bottom F.

No wonder that, as well as being a popular choice for concert performances, our 225 model is also very highly thought of as an instrument for private use.

92 keys l: 7'4'', w: 5'25'', net: 923 lb


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