About Fort Bend Music Center

fbmc about usAs a local family-owned and operated business, our music store is a testament to our deep-rooted passion for music. Growing from a modest start, our family values and love for music have shaped every corner of Fort Bend Music Center, from the selection of instruments to the atmosphere we’ve created in our music school. We pride ourselves on being more than just a music store. It’s a place where musicians of all levels can connect, share their musical journey, and find the perfect instrument to echo their voice. We are committed to nurturing young musicians and growing the musical community in the greater Houston area.

What You’ll Find in Our Music Stores

We have a wide range of pianos to suit every budget from the novice to the professional, including:
  • Brand new and preowned acoustic pianos for those seeking the classic, rich resonance of traditional style.
  • Digital pianos, offering the perfect blend of convenience and modern technology.
  • Hybrid pianos which blend the authentic touch of acoustic pianos with the versatility of digital sound.
  • Our selection of keyboards covers everything from beginner’s keyboards to advanced synthesizers, ensuring every aspiring keyboardist finds the perfect instrument.
We offer a variety of orchestral instruments for rent, allowing students to explore their potential without the hefty initial investment:
  • Violins and violas for those drawn to the sweet, melodious sounds of string instruments.
  • Cellos for those seeking to explore the deeper and richer tones of the string family.
In addition to a variety of band instruments for purchase, our band instrument rentals provide students and band enthusiasts with an affordable way to get their hands on high-quality equipment, including:
  • Trumpets, trombones, and euphoniums for those interested in brass instruments.
  • Saxophones, flutes, and clarinets for those keen on exploring the unique sounds of woodwind instruments.
We cater to guitar enthusiasts with quality guitars, each with its unique tonal qualities and style:
  • Electric guitars for those looking to rock out or delve into blues, jazz, and more.
  • Semi-electric guitars for those after the versatility of both acoustic and amplified sound.
  • Acoustic guitars for those loving the raw, unfiltered sound of strings.
  • Bass guitars for those drawn to the rhythmic undercurrents that hold a band together.
Our available drum kits include acoustic and electric models, for both traditional drummers and those looking to practice at home with minimal noise.

Established School of Music

Playing PianoWe have been providing music lessons at our Stafford location for 20 years, and can accommodate up to 1,000 students in our facility. Learn more about our mission to bring music to everyone. We have highly experienced music teachers who are well-respected in the Houston music community and can provide tailored lessons to students young and old, whether you are a beginner or advanced in your music study. We offer music lessons for:
  • Piano – group and private classes
  • Band instruments
  • Strings
  • Guitars
  • Drums and percussion

Your Go-To Music Store in Houston and Beyond

At Fort Bend Music Center, we’re more than just a music store. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is dedicated to helping you find the perfect instrument or accessories to fuel your passion for music. Come on in and experience the community atmosphere and extensive selection that has made us the top choice for musicians across the region.