Player Piano Installation

qrsThe process of player piano installation is a specialized task that requires a precise skillset. It involves intricate mechanisms that must be handled with precision, attention to detail, and an understanding of piano acoustics. We have the expertise and experience to deliver a seamless and professional installation service. We’ll bring your player piano to life while maintaining your piano’s overall aesthetic.

Installation Process

  1. Identify the piano model: First, we determine the exact model of the existing piano. This will help in choosing the right components for the player system.
  2. Remove the piano front panel and keys: We carefully remove the piano’s front panels and keys to access the internal components. This step must be done with great care to avoid any damage.
  3. Install the solenoid rail: In this step, we install the solenoid rail which is responsible for triggering the piano keys. It’s essential to align the solenoid rail with the piano keys accurately for precise note playback.
  4. Install the playback engine: The playback engine is the heart of the player system. It is placed directly inside the piano and must be aligned correctly with the internal components.
  5. Integrate the controller and interface: We connect the controller to the playback engine, then install the user interface, typically a tablet or other device.
  6. Testing and calibration: Once everything is connected, we turn on the system and test it to ensure the system is working correctly. If necessary, we re-calibrate the system for optimal performance.
  7. Reassemble the piano: After testing, we carefully replace the piano’s front panels and keys.

PNOmation Player System

Whether you plan to keep your piano for years to come or sell it at a fair value, you want to ensure the player system is durable and reliable. This comes down to the quality of the components, accessible technology upgrades, and the music library. QRS’s PNOmation Player Piano Systems has been at the forefront of player piano technology from the very beginning. Thanks to their high-quality components, you can confidently add all the latest upgrades to your system, knowing that the system will remain reliable. Experience seamless playback, effortless navigation, and complete control of your player system through a simple touchscreen user interface. No need to rely on a network connection or endure interruptions. It also allows instant content purchases and the ability to use any Wi-Fi enabled device to control your piano.

Expert Player Piano Installation Service

With years of experience, we specialize in installing top-notch player systems that will take your piano to new heights. Our team of professionals is highly trained to handle a wide range of piano models and brands, ensuring a safe and successful installation process. At Fort Bend Music Center, your piano is in capable hands. Contact us today to ask about our installation service.