Combo Instruments

Combo Instruments

guitars and bassesFort Bend Music Center is much more than a piano store! We offer top-quality combo gear from Yamaha and other leading manufacturers. We provide a solid range of guitars, basses, and drums and all the necessary accessories. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player, we have the perfect instrument for you.

Acoustic, Electric, and Semi-Electric Guitars

Guitars are highly versatile instruments that resonate across almost every genre of music. Whether it’s the rhythmic strumming in a country song, the soulful melodies in blues, the electrifying riffs in rock, or the delicate finger-picking in classical music, guitars bring depth and texture to any composition.

Whether you’re into the rich, warm tones of an acoustic, the raw power and versatility of an electric, or the perfect blend of both in a semi-electric, we can help find the right guitar for you.

Bass Guitars

If you’re looking to dive deep into the world of music, bass guitars could be your perfect match. They lay down the rhythmic and harmonic foundation of a composition, giving it that pulse that drives the music forward. Whether it’s the funky bass lines in jazz or the groovy beats in rock, a bass guitar truly completes a musical piece.

From finding the perfect sound to choosing between a 4-string or a 5-string, we’re committed to assisting you in finding a bass guitar that aligns with your musical aspirations.


When it comes to driving the rhythm and pulse of music, few things can match the impact of skillfully played drums. The quest for the perfect drum kit is an essential part of your musical journey, offering you the opportunity to master your craft and contribute to the essence of the music. We can assist you in choosing a drum kit that harmonizes with your style.

Learn to Play Your New Instrument with Music Lessons

Learning to play your new instrument, whether it’s the guitar, bass, or drums, can be an incredibly rewarding experience. With our team of experienced music teachers, you’ll receive personalized music lessons tailored to your current skills and musical aspirations.

From the absolute beginner picking up an instrument for the first time to the more seasoned player seeking to finesse their techniques, we’ve got you covered. Our instructors are passionate about music and dedicated to helping you develop your abilities and uncover your unique sound.

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At Fort Bend Music Center, we proudly proclaim ourselves as the ultimate destination for all things music! We invite you to visit us at our Stafford location to explore our range of combo instruments.