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Houston Piano Moving & Storage Services

Piano MovingOver 40 years ago, we started out as Blue Streak Transport, a Houston-based piano moving service. Since then, we have relocated over 500,000 pianos!

Moving pianos without professional help can be a disaster due to their delicate construction. The wooden frame of a piano is not just decorative; it is crucial for its sound. Even minor damages to the frame can affect the piano’s sound. Additionally, the internal parts like strings, hammers, and keys are finely calibrated. Mishandling them can lead to costly repairs or even render the instrument unplayable.

At Fort Bend Music Center, our professional piano movers have the expertise to properly prepare and load pianos for transportation. We understand that pianos are not just objects; they hold sentimental value and memories. That’s why we treat every piano move with the utmost care.

Best Practices for Moving Pianos

To ensure the safety of your instrument, our team of experts use specialized equipment and techniques to protect it from any potential damage. With utmost caution, our movers will safely and efficiently transport your piano to its new destination.

  • We use thick, protective padding to cover the piano, focusing particularly on fragile areas like the keys and pedals. This helps to prevent scratches, dents, or other forms of damage.
  • We wrap the piano securely using professional-grade shrink wrap and moving blankets. These materials safeguard the instrument against dust, moisture, and other potentially harmful elements.
  • When moving grand pianos, we detach the legs and pedal lyre to prevent breakage. We safely pack and label these parts for reassembly upon arrival.
  • Using a high-quality, sturdy piano dolly is standard for safe transportation of the piano. We never attempt to carry the piano by hand as it can lead to severe damage or personal injury.
  • We secure the piano firmly in an enclosed truck to prevent it from moving during transportation, using strong, durable straps to fasten it securely to the sides of the truck.

Short or Long-Term Piano Storage

At Fort Bend Music Center, we recognize that certain situations may arise where piano storage becomes necessary. Our piano storage warehouse boasts a multitude of specifically crafted storage cubicles, each equipped with supports, pads, and packing materials expressly tailored for the secure storage of your cherished piano. We can safely accommodate your piano for however long you need.

Climate-Controlled Storage is Essential for Your Piano

Proper climate control is crucial when storing pianos, especially in regions with extreme temperatures and humidity like Houston. Pianos are sensitive to changes in humidity and temperature, which can cause warping, cracking, and deterioration in sound quality.

Unfortunately, most self-storage facilities lack the necessary climate control mechanisms to protect these delicate instruments. To safeguard your piano and maintain its pristine condition, it is highly recommended to choose a storage facility with proper temperature and humidity controls. This will prevent weather-related damage and ensure its longevity.

At our warehouse, we store and maintain a vast array of pianos, from hand-crafted grand pianos to reliable upright models for beginners. Our precision climate control system is specifically designed to ensure the perfect temperature and humidity, so you can trust that every instrument under our care will maintain its exceptional quality and superior sound performance.

Expert Piano Moving

At Fort Bend Music Center, we ensure the safe transportation and storage of your precious instrument. With our years of experience, our team understands the intricate and delicate nature of pianos, guaranteeing your peace of mind as we handle, move, and store your piano with utmost care.

If you need to store your piano for any length of time, our controlled storage solutions will safeguard your piano from potential damage caused by temperature and humidity fluctuations. Rest easy knowing that your piano is in good hands with us! Contact us today.