Full Piano Restoration

RestorationAt Fort Bend Music Center, our team of skilled piano technicians is here to provide you with comprehensive restoration services. The process of restoration breathes new life into your instrument, bringing back its original splendor and amazing sound. With over 60 years of combined experience, we are dedicated to delivering the highest level of craftsmanship. We take pride in successfully repairing and fully restoring numerous prestigious piano brands, including Steinway, Yamaha, Baldwin, and many more. Trust us with your piano restoration needs and let us provide you with the highest quality service. All piano restoration and repair work is performed in a climate-controlled environment. Stop by our Stafford shop any time to check out the pianos in different stages of restoration and see our technicians’ quality of work for yourself!

Restoration versus Buying a New Piano

Restoring a cherished family piano can be a much more affordable option over buying a brand new piano of similar quality. Here are some reasons for considering restoration versus buying a new piano:
  • Cost of Restoration: Restoring a piano can often be a more cost-effective option, especially for high-quality, vintage pianos.
  • Sentimental Value: You cannot put a price on sentimental value. A family heirloom piano holds generations of memories that a new piano simply cannot replicate.
  • Environmental Consideration: Restoring a piano is a more sustainable choice than buying new, as it reduces the demand for new materials and decreases waste.

The Piano Restoration Process

A typical piano restoration process for a long-unused, damaged, or very old piano involves specialized knowledge and detailed work.
  1. Inspection and Assessment: Before beginning the restoration, a thorough inspection of the piano is conducted to assess the extent of the damage, the state of the instrument, and to determine the required restoration work.
  2. Dismantling: The piano is carefully dismantled to ensure every part is accessible for refurbishing. This includes removing the keyboard, strings, and the piano action.
  3. Repair or Replacement of Damaged Parts: Any broken or worn-out parts are repaired or replaced as needed. This can involve re-stringing the piano, replacing worn-out hammers, or even replacing the pinblock.
  4. Refinishing the Cabinet: The exterior of the piano (known as the cabinet) is stripped of its old finish, repaired where necessary, and then refinished to restore its original beauty.
  5. Reassembly and Tuning: Once all parts are repaired or replaced, and the cabinet is refinished, the piano is reassembled. Finally, the piano is tuned, a process that may need to be repeated several times to ensure the instrument stays in tune.
  6. Quality Check and Final Touches: The restored piano is played and checked for quality. Any final adjustments are made, ensuring the piano not only looks like new but also performs at its best.

Restore Your Cherished Piano with Fort Bend Music Center

Our team of experienced professionals at Fort Bend Music Center provides comprehensive restoration services to maintain your piano’s unique charm and character. From the initial inspection to the final quality check, we ensure that not only the aesthetics but also the performance of your piano is restored to its original glory. Trust us to bring your piano back to life. For an evaluation of your piano’s condition and estimate for repairs, contact us now.