Piano and Music Accessories

Piano and Music AccessoriesA successful piano performance goes beyond the skill of the pianist. It’s all about having the right music accessories that enhance the experience! From sheet music to piano benches, headphones and metronomes to keyboard covers, each accessory plays an important role in practice and performance. Invest in these tools to maintain your instrument, improve technique, and enjoy a comfortable playing experience. With the right accessories, you can simply focus on your music every practice or performance.

Top Accessories for Starting Pianists

If you’re just starting out with piano lessons, maximize your learning and boost your performance with these must-have accessories for aspiring pianists.
  • Piano Bench: A proper piano bench is crucial for maintaining good posture during practice sessions. An adjustable bench is preferable, allowing you to find the ideal height for comfortable playing. Most pianos we sell come with a bench included, but if you prefer a different style or size, we can help you find the most comfortable and supportive option.
  • Metronome: This device helps regulate your tempo, ensuring that you maintain a consistent speed throughout your performance. It’s especially beneficial when you’re learning new material or working on pieces with complex rhythms.
  • Keyboard Pedal: This is essential for pianists who practice on a digital piano or keyboard. It simulates the sustain pedal found on acoustic pianos, helping to create a more resonant and rich sound.
  • Headphones: These are essential for pianists who want to practice on their digital piano without disturbing others. They also allow for focused listening and can be beneficial when learning new pieces or practicing challenging sections.
  • Piano Lights: Good lighting is often overlooked but is essential in reducing eye strain during long practice sessions. Dedicated piano lights are designed to provide targeted, non-glare lighting.
  • Footrest:  For young pianists, a footrest is crucial for proper posture and hand positioning. It can also help reduce fatigue while practicing.
  • Digital Piano Stand: A sturdy stand is essential for a digital upright piano. Some models come with built-in stands, but if not, you’ll want to invest in one that’s stable and at a comfortable playing height.

Accessories to Protect Your New Piano

Taking care of your new piano requires some dedicated accessories to keep it safe from damage and wear. Various options are available to help protect your investment, enhancing its lifespan and ensuring it always produces the best possible sound.
  • Piano Cover: An essential accessory to protect your piano from dust, scratches, and minor impacts. For acoustic grand pianos, consider padded grand piano covers for extra protection.
  • Keyboard Dust Cover: Protects the keys of your piano when not in use, keeping them clean and free from dust or other particles.
  • Piano Caster Cups: These provide a solid base for your piano’s wheels, protecting your floor from scratches and damage, particularly important for heavy grand pianos.
  • Climate Control Systems: High-end acoustic pianos are sensitive to temperature and humidity changes. Consider investing in a piano-specific climate control system to maintain optimal conditions.
  • Piano Locks and Clamps: Secure your piano against accidental or unauthorized use with keyboard locks and lid clamps.
  • Transportation Cases: If you need to frequently transport your digital piano or keyboard, consider investing in a transportation case. Soft cases are lighter and easier to carry, but hard cases offer maximum protection.
  • Power Surge Protector: Digital and hybrid pianos are electronic devices that can be damaged by power surges. Protect your investment with a good quality surge protector.

Your One-Stop Shop for Piano Accessories

Fort Bend Music Center has been serving the piano community in Houston & San Antonio for over four decades! Our extensive collection of piano accessories includes everything from comfy piano stools to sheet music and so much more. Visit your nearest piano store location for all your piano accessory needs.