Yamaha Drum Kits

drum setYamaha introduced their inaugural drum kit in 1967. Since then, Yamaha drums have cemented their position as a trusted and preferred choice for both novice and seasoned players alike. The hallmark of these remarkable drum kits lies in Yamaha’s ingenious “air seal system,” which produces an unparalleled sound quality.

As time and technology have advanced, so have Yamaha drums. The addition of electric drum kits and electric pads has further elevated their offerings. Whether you’re starting your drumming journey or reigniting your passion for playing, the electric drum kits serve as an excellent starting point.

Yamaha acoustic drums are a solid, quality choice for anyone looking for a traditional acoustic kit, from a starter set to a stage custom set. With the introduction of the compact sets, you can now play in tighter places due to the smaller footprint of the set itself.

Yamaha EAD10 Drum Module

With the introduction of the EAD10, playing your acoustic kit will never be the same again. The EAD10 is a breakthrough product, revolutionizing the way drummers practice, record and perform. The module works by capturing the acoustic sounds of the drum and converting them into digital signals, transforming your old acoustic kit into a powerful digital/electric hybrid.

With a simple attachment to the bass drum, the EAD10 sensor captures the entire kit’s sounds, allowing you to instantly hear studio quality sound through headphones or PA system.

Using the free iOS app or connecting directly to a PC, you can experiment with a variety of different effects, record your performances, and even share your sound with the world via social media. Plus, with the training function in the app, practicing has never been easier.

Find Your Rhythm with Drum Lessons

Whether you’re an absolute beginner or a seasoned pro, we offer customized drum lessons to help you enhance your skills and grow as a solid drummer. Our experienced instructors guide you through the nuances of rhythm and timing, ensuring a firm grasp on the fundamentals of drumming.

We believe in bringing out the best in our students, encouraging them to explore various styles and techniques. Get ready to make some noise!

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We have a wide range of musical instruments and top-notch music lessons all under one roof in our Stafford store. Our experienced and friendly staff take pride in helping you on your musical journey. Whether you’re buying your first drum kit or looking to improve your drumming skills with our tailored lessons, we’ve got everything you need to achieve your musical goals.