Consignment & Sell

Sell or Consign Your Piano

piano consignmentAre you looking to sell your piano but lack the time to advertise or show it to potential buyers? Let us handle it for you.

We offer piano consignment services, providing the special attention your instrument deserves. Our team will evaluate the piano’s condition and perform any necessary work to maximize its value. We can then negotiate the terms and conditions that will benefit everyone involved.

Pre-Owned Piano Selection at Our Stores

We offer more than just brand-new pianos; we also boast a diverse selection of pre-owned pianos from other piano owners just like yourself. This selection presents an ideal opportunity for many of our customers who are seeking a first piano for their children to begin lessons, or those working within a specific budget.

Our pre-owned pianos aren’t just alternatives; they’re prime choices for many, offering quality and value in one package. If you’re considering selling your piano, it could well become one of our featured pre-owned options, opening up the joy of music to another aspiring pianist.

Tips for Getting Your Piano in Top Condition to Sell

  • Clean the piano with a soft, dry cloth to dust off the keys and the exterior.
  • Schedule professional tuning. A well-tuned piano can significantly increase its market value.
  • Carry out minor repairs, if necessary. This could include fixing sticky keys or replacing worn-out parts.
  • Have professional restoration services polish the wood if it has visible scratches or marks.
  • Document the piano’s history. Include details such as the date of purchase, any major repairs, and routine maintenance.

Let Us Move, Store, and Sell Your Piano

Let Fort Bend Music Center be your trusted partner when it comes to handling, storing, and selling your piano. We will ensure that your piano receives the utmost care and expertise. If you’re looking to sell your piano, we will help find the right buyer. Contact us today to discuss our consignment options.