Combo – Yamaha Acoustic, Electric, and Semi-Electric Guitars

Acoustic Guitars

acoustic guitarsWe are proud to offer Yamaha acoustic guitars. Whether you have been playing for years or you are just starting out, these guitars will feel comfortable in your hands. Plus, they have a beautiful tone that will make you want to keep playing!

With a wide range of different models from laminate top guitars to the masterful craftsmanship offered in the Japanese models, you can expect superior quality in the different categories that Yamaha has to offer.

Yamaha offers cutting edge technology in their acoustic guitars that make playing even more convenient, including their Silent and TransAcoustic guitars.

Yamaha Silent Guitar

The Silent Guitar is unique in that it is primarily designed for practice and recording purposes. It features a detachable frame and a body that is significantly smaller than a typical guitar, which makes it highly portable. It also comes with headphones and a line out for quiet, non-intrusive practice sessions.

Despite its unconventional design, it still provides a natural, comfortable feel similar to that of a regular acoustic guitar.

Yamaha TransAcoustic Guitar

The TransAcoustic Guitar is a more traditional guitar in terms of design and purpose. It is equipped with unique TransAcoustic technology that allows the guitar to produce reverb and chorus effects without the need for external amplification or effects. This innovative feature enhances playing experiences, providing rich, resonant tones whether you’re practicing at home or performing live.

Unlike the Silent Guitar, the Transacoustic model requires a larger storage space due to its full-bodied design.

Electric Guitars

guitarsSince their inception in 1966, Yamaha electric guitars have set an industry standard. Over time, Yamaha has continuously improved the quality and attention to detail in these remarkable instruments. From the beginner-friendly GIGMAKER starter packs to the signature line, Yamaha electric guitars offer exceptional playability and comfort.

No matter your preferred style, whether it’s hard rock or smooth jazz, these guitars can handle it all. With their stunning and sleek designs, you’ll fall in love with these guitars from the moment you lay your eyes on them.

Semi-Electric Guitars

Yamaha’s semi-electric guitars infuse traditional craftsmanship with innovation, enabling a versatile sound range ideal for various music genres.

These guitars feature a unique fusion of acoustic richness and electric capabilities. They stand out with their high-quality tonewoods, providing resonant tones and sustainable durability. Their built-in electric components, such as pickups and preamps, allow for easy amplification without compromising the raw, authentic sound that acoustic guitars are renowned for.

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