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piano showroomWe are thrilled to present our exquisite collection of top-tier pianos, meticulously crafted by the world’s finest manufacturers. Whether you’re a music institution searching for a magnificent 9-foot concert grand or a family looking for that perfect piano for the kids, our team of friendly and knowledgeable piano specialists are here to guide you toward your ideal instrument.

At Fort Bend Music Center, we offer both brand new pianos and carefully curated pre-owned models to suit every need and budget. We’ve got a great selection of pianos that cater to both lifetime buyers and those looking to dip their toes into the world of music with minimal commitment. For those wanting to try before making a purchasing decision, we have a flexible piano rental service that lets you experience the many benefits of having a piano in your home.

If you already own a piano and are looking to upgrade or sell, we also provide piano consignment. We’ll help you find a new home for your beloved instrument, making sure the transaction is smooth and satisfying for everyone involved.

Buy a Piano

Explore our distinguished brands and discover the various types of pianos we offer! These include:
  • Acoustic Pianos: Crafted using traditional techniques and perfected over centuries of innovation, acoustic pianos are known for their full, resonant sound. Every note played on an acoustic piano is the result of a complex, multi-step process where hammers strike strings. They’re famous for their wide range of dynamics and expressive capacity, making them perfect both for performances and traditional home practice sessions.
  • Digital Pianos: A more modern invention, digital pianos use speakers to project the sound of an acoustic piano. Features include volume control, a selection of additional instrument sounds, and compatibility with recording devices. Digital pianos are a great choice for beginners and professionals alike, offering powerful technology to enhance the learning and playing process.  They are also perfect choices for those living in apartments or places where noise is a concern.
  • Hybrid Pianos: As the name suggests, hybrid pianos combine elements of both acoustic and digital pianos. They usually have the touch and feel of an acoustic piano with digital sound generation. These pianos give you the physical response of an acoustic along with complementary technological advantages, giving you the best of both worlds.
  • Electric/Keyboard Pianos: Keyboards are highly portable and offer a wide range of features for electronic sound production, offering various instruments, beats, and rhythm tracks. They are designed with headphone compatibility for quiet practice, MIDI compatibility for computer interface, and lightweight design for easy transportation. Ideal for beginners, keyboard pianos often include built-in learning systems to help novices get started.

Tune, Repair, or Restore Your Piano

We believe in taking excellent care of your piano to ensure their longevity and performance. That’s why we offer a wide range of piano care services to keep your instrument in top-notch condition. We’re dedicated to preserving the music and extending the life of your piano, so you can enjoy an enriching musical experience time and time again. Our team of experts, with their years of experience and technical know-how, can handle everything from tuning to repairs and even full-scale restoration. Whether you need a regular tuning to keep your piano sounding great, intricate repairs to fix any mechanical issues, or a full restoration to bring new life to your beloved piano, you can trust us to treat your instrument with the utmost professionalism and care.

Piano Rentals, Purchases, and Services – Fort Bend Music Center

At Fort Bend Music Center, we are proud to be one of the area’s oldest and most respected piano stores. For decades, we have been the go-to destination for piano rentals, purchases, and top-quality service. We have earned a reputation for bringing the joy of music to our community with our extensive selection of pianos for every skill level and musical preference. Our experienced team is dedicated to guiding you on your musical journey, offering expert advice and helping you find the perfect piano that matches your aspirations. Come and visit us at any of our locations to find your perfect piano.