Rick Cochran

President of Fort Bend Music Center

Rick started his career in the music industry in 1983 at the age of 23. Rick was one of the 3 founders of a piano moving service called Blue Streak Transport that provided a delivery solution for all the piano dealers in the Houston market. In 1995 wanting to expand the operation Rick and his partners purchased an existing local piano service company named Complete Piano Service that provides piano tuning & repairs. Having the experience from the service side of the music industry, Rick gained much knowledge in customer service.

In 2004 Fort Bend Music Center was opened in Stafford as a teaching studio, within the 2nd year of operation there were over 500 students attending weekly lessons. In the past 12 years Rick has overseen the expansion of Fort Bend Music Center to become Houston’s only full line music dealer with 2 locations, which provides sales and service for pianos, guitars, band instruments, and music lessons.

Rick’s entire family, wife Terry, daughters Ashley & Lindsey, and son Justin are now involved in the day to day operations of the company. This is the most satisfactory accomplishment of Rick’s career, to be able say: I get to go to work every day with my family and over 40 of the best co-workers that make up Fort Bend Music Center


Terry Cochran

Vice President of Fort Bend Music Center

Terry began her career in the music business in 1983 as co-founder of Blue Streak Transport. In the beginning years she was out on the trucks helping with piano delivery. As the company expanded her duties moved into the office scheduling delivery’s to eventually becoming the service department manager.

Today Terry’s responsibilities at Fort Bend Music Center are Service Department Manager overseeing the moving & piano service departments, and HR\Payroll Manager making sure that the 40 plus employees are taken care of. Terry has been married to Rick for 33 years and they have worked together every day in the business.

Outside of work Terry enjoys taking care of her many pets especially Sparky a miniature Chihuahua. Recently she discovered the joy of traveling abroad visiting both London and Vienna for a business trip to the Bosendorfer piano factory. She can hardly wait until the next trip.


Ashley Cochran

Accounts Manager for Fort Bend Music Center

Ashley joined the family business in January 2012, after graduating from the Bauer School of Business at the University of Houston. She received a Bachelor of Business Administration in Management. Ashley started out learning all of the general back office duties, and she is now the Accounts Manager for the company.

In her spare time she enjoys spending time with her family and friends. She also enjoys reading, water sports, shopping and her animals.


Lindsey Thielsen

Lessons Communications/Analysis Manager

Lindsey joined the family business in April 2014. She was a swim instructor for many years, until she decided to go to the University of Houston to pursue a degree in Sociology. She graduated, magna cum laude, with a Bachelor in Science in Sociology in 2013. She works under our Music Director as our Lessons Communications Manager. She has such a way with people, in general, that this was the perfect fit!Lindsey got married in October 2015. In her spare time she enjoys spending time with her family and friends, water sports and shopping.


Justin Cochran

Inventory Control Assistant Manager

Justin is the newest Cochran family member to join the family business. Justin graduated from High School in 2014, and began working during the summer in the piano repair shop. Justin then decided to join the business full time. He has worked short periods of time in every department of the business to learn how each department operates.

Justin is currently in training as an inventory control specialist, ordering and receiving inventory and general back office duties.

Outside of work Justin enjoys hunting and fishing, but his real passion is cycling both on and off road.


Alex Pauwels

Store Manager at the Houston Location

Alex has been helping folks get music into their homes for the last 46 years. It is fitting that Alex was born in Detroit( Motown) as his love for music spilled over into a job he has held all his life….helping people realize their dream of playing music. Alex has been with Fort Bend Music Center since 2013 Alex has been happily married for 45 years and has 7 children, and 15 grandkids. In Alex’s spare time he enjoys spending time with his family.


Betty Tinney

Store Manager Stafford Location

In this role, she specializes in the inventory control system, purchasing, personnel management, and other routine store management duties.

Betty began her career in the music industry in 1996 with Sherman Clay Piano and came to work for Fort Bend Music Center in 2007.

Betty has been happily married for 34 years and has 2 children.

In her spare time she enjoys shopping, cooking, dancing and hanging out with family and friends.


Eric T. Fields

Piano Department Manager Stafford Location

Eric has been involved in music all of his life. Eric has had the pleasure of putting the joy of music in family’s homes, selling them pianos for over 30 years. He has met many wonderful people during his career and he really does enjoy helping families with their piano selection. It is great to have a job that he really loves to do every day!!! Music is truly a gift in so many ways!!!

“I am blessed to be married and we have two beautiful daughters. We also have been blessed with a wonderful grandson. I am truly a blessed man.”

Eric has been with Fort Bend Music Center since 2013.


Craig D. Latson

Director of Music Education

“I am so lucky that I have been able to create art and music and fulfill my passions through my 30 year career in the music education industry”. Craig has now been given the opportunity to be the music education director for one of the fastest growing music schools in the nation.

Craig is an ordained deacon with a MA in Theology, as well as a music instructor with a BA in Business and MBA. He was a band leader in middle school and a drum major in high school and college, playing in the marching band and the orchestra, and he still gets excited every time he walks into Fort Bend Music Center. He teaches piano, drums, voice, guitar, and brass instruments, in addition to giving music workshops and seminars at various universities and for churches, public schools, and music teacher associations. Craig is a member of the Music Teachers National Association (MTNA), the Texas Music Teachers Association (TMTA), the Houston Music Teachers Association (HMTA), and various other national and international organizations.

Aristotle, the Greek philosopher, once said “Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work”. It is true, because the pleasure he receives from his job keeps him motivated and engaged in his work. He can hardly wait to get to work to see that next student, parent, and teacher. Unlike many Americans, he can honestly say that he loves his job.


Doug Magness

Guitar and Drum Department Manager

Doug has been in the music industry since 1975 having work in Houston for several companies like Parker Music, Holcomb Lindquist Music before joining our team as a piano mover in 1995. He has a lot of passion for music, and brings a lot of knowledge to our team. In 2004 Doug help start our guitar department and also is a teacher at Fort Bend Music Center.Doug has been happily married for 25 years. He has been a gigging musician with the band, The Relics, for 20+ years!


David Nash

Operations Manager

David Nash started out as a piano mover with our original company, Blue Streak Transport, 29 years ago. David is now in charge of the entire moving department, from the scheduling to the deliveries themselves! He is also in charge of scheduling and delivering all of our outside Special Event Rentals.David has been married for 27 years, and has a daughter who is currently attending Ball State University playing Field Hockey.